Wittenborg Welcomes Marianne Dorder-Servet: Championing Diversity in Tech

In October 2023 I received a request from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences to speak at the Global People Lunch & Talk. Because of the many invitations and requests we receive and because I only wants to be on stages where I can add real value, I requested for a telephone conversation to get some clarification. After this telephone conversation I said yes and we planned my presentation. It was a good decision.

On June 13, I spoke with a full room of students of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. It was a very interactive talk with many questions from the students. For example questions about how they can combine their expertise with technology. Also questions about how we take into account EU regulations and the impact of the elections on what we are doing. It was a very thoughtfull conversation. I also became to know the lecturer Amy Abdou. An important connection for our network.

A journalist has written an article about my exchange with the students. To read the full article click. Some paragraphs from the article are:
“As for addressing misconceptions and challenges in IT, Dorder-Servet stated, “In most cases, I’m underestimated. Because people underestimate me, I can surprise them in both positive and negative ways.”

She emphasised the importance of refusing to be boxed into categories like diversity and free services: “We are an IT knowledge-oriented organisation with black women as our primary target group. If you want diversity then you have to invest in diversity.”

Thank you students, lecturers and Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. It was good to be at your location.

Marianne Dorder-Servet

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