Our team performance at European Women in Technology 2024 was beyond expectations!

As a team we held a successful workshop titled Empowering Black Women in Tech: Navigating DEI Dynamics. At the opening I said: Dear ladies, you are in a special hashtagDEI workshop today. This is the first and most likely the last time we as an organization talk about DEI at an event. We don’t talk about DEI, but we are taking this opportunity to share some of our experiences with you and hear from you anonymously how you would act. And we knew it! 😁. It became a very interactive workshop. It was special to see how many women in general and specifically women of color recognized themselves in our not positive DEI experiences. We ended the workshop with a mini-Hackathon in which the participants worked in groups to think about innovative solutions that should lead to actual inclusion in Tech. Great solutions have been devised which we will certainly help to implement. Have we got a taste for it? Yes. Who knows, we might do it again someday, somewhere. After the workshop we were not done yet.

Later that day I also gave a presentation about how to come up with a impactful IT strategy that can be implemented to realize Operational Excellence. I was surprised at how many men and women were interested in this topic. Beyond expectations!

Kimberly Fuqua ended our tour that day with a dazzling presentation about Inclusive AI for us all. Also well attended.

We have met beautiful people, which will definitely result in beautiful collaborations. It was a very intensive day, but it was worth it! Thank you! Kristle de Freitas Patricio Miljorha Martin Women in Technology World Series

Marianne Dorder-Servet
Founder Zwarte vrouwen voor Technologie (ZVVT)

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