Thank you for joining us at the IT event

A big thank you to everyone who joined us at the IT event “Meer vrouwen in de ICT: Wat zijn je kansen” on April 28th.
I couldn’t wish a better start of our events for this year.

It was incredible to meet so many black women that are interested or already work in Tech. It was amazing to see the interest, the joy, the recognition, the appreciation and the wondering. Also a big thank you to all allies that came to join.

Special thanks to all the speakers Selina Thompson, Vivianne Bendermacher, Kristle de Freitas Patricio, Roebina Kaffe, Nathalie Tam, Kimberly Fuqua, Danielle Belfor, Kimberly Fuqua and Phaedra La Reine. You where amazing. The energy to connect and share your knowledge was more then present.

The persons that put in the hard work to make this possible can’t be missed. Without their support we couldn’t pull this off. Thank you to Virgill Olvira, Goziem Frijmersum, Jerrel van Eer, Marleen Creton, Noeria Wolf, Marcel Wooding, Jeremy Paesch and Jennifer Limont. And maybe I missed some people that were not in my sight but also supported our cause, also thank you!

Please follow us for our next ICT event. Come and join us again in September. We provide awareness and we offer a career guarantee by investing sustainably in the ICT career of women.

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” Quote from Maya Angelou
That’s what we are doing at Stichting Zwarte vrouwen voor Technologie (ZvvT).

Marianne Dorder-Servet


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